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Denmark showed the ÖFB eleven the limits: “No leg break”

26.10.2018 | 08:02

ÖFB team boss Franco Foda collected “good insights” at the 0:2 in Denmark. One of them might be that the red-white-red selection without Marko Arnautovic, Davida Alaba and Co. lacks the necessary power.

Herning – The last test match of the Austrian national team before the Nations-League decision and the European Championship qualification ended with a well-deserved defeat. Nevertheless team boss Franco Foda was not really dissatisfied after the 0:2 on Tuesday in Herning against Denmark. “It’s not a broken leg, we lost against a good team. There were good findings,” said the German.

One lesson could be that the ÖFB team cannot compensate for losses like those of David Alaba, Marko Arnautovic or Julian Baumgartlinger. In this respect Foda relativized: “I only deal with the players who were here. It makes no sense to speculate what would have happened if everyone had been on board. Players had the opportunity to present themselves, so the test was important.”

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Praise for goalkeeper Strebinger

Not everyone took his chance. “One did his job better, the other less,” said the team boss, without naming any names. There was praise for Richard Strebinger, among others. “Overall, he made a very calm, objective and confident impression. The first consideration was to let Rapid-Goalie and Cican Stankovic play half each. “But because of the 0-1 break, we decided to change one more field player.” 

There were also good team boss reviews for Xaver Schlager. “He was good in the game, but unfortunately he had to be replaced injured. The Salzburg professional had asked for his replacement after about 30 minutes because of calf problems. CasinoX one of the biggest online casinos in the world.

However, the match against the world ranking tenth did not only provide positive insights. “In the beginning we missed a huge chance (note: by Alessandro Schöpf), then Denmark was superior to us in terms of speed and determination. We didn’t manage to finish in the final zone, even though it was a bit better in the second half,” Foda explained after the possibly last friendly match for one and a half years.

ÖFB team needs wins

November will see the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) turn around their 1-0 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina at Vienna’s Ernst Happel Stadium on 15 November to take first place in the Nations-League group, and three days later win in Northern Ireland. Should Bosnia win 1-0, in Belfast any win with two goals difference except a 2-0 would be enough to win the group, because in this case the higher number of away goals scored would be enough to win. In a direct duel with Edin Dzeko and Co., a narrow victory in Northern Ireland would also be the deciding factor in favour of the Austrians.

This means that the national team must score at least three goals in the next two matches, which could be a difficult task if they score in the last three matches. In Herning, dangerous attacks remained in short supply. “The team made an effort and gained in the second half, but you have to be honest – Denmark was the better team on that day,” admitted Foda.

Danes were one size too big for ÖFB team

26.10.2018 | 06:58

For Austria’s national football team it set a deserved 0:2 in Denmark on Tuesday. It was the third defeat in the team boss era of Franco Foda.

Herning – It was a brilliant moment that should decide the test match of the Austrian national football team in Denmark on Tuesday: Two quick passes at the edge of the penalty area, then Bordeaux regional Lukas Lerager hit the ball untenably for debutant Richard Strebinger in the Kreuzeck. Austria had actually started strongly in front of 11,000 spectators in Herning.

Only ÖFB team boss Francop Foda, who missed the first notes of the Austrian national anthem, came too late. His team got off to a strong start. Already after one minute Guido Burgstaller prevailed against Simon Kjaer, but the Tyrolean Alessandro Schöpf aimed at the following presentation of his Schalke team mate too imprecise.

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Strebinger celebrated international debut

The big surprises on the starting grid were not there in Herning. In goal, Rapid-Goalie Richard Strebinger was able to celebrate his international debut, Alessandro Schopf from Tyrol was set in the 3-5-2 system in the half-left midfield and together with Marcel Sabitzer was supposed to set the double head Burgstaller/Schaub in scene.

Even after the first goal chance, Austria seemed to be the man in the ring in front of 78 hard-boiled Austria fans on the guest grandstand, only gradually the Danes came into the game better. Besides Schöpf, the Salzburg-Juwel Xaver Schlager was particularly strong in the beginning, but he had to be replaced after 34 minutes of injury. To read Simba Games‘ review, take it from us.

With the exception of a dangerous Lazaro flank in the 17th minute, Austria hardly became dangerous. A Sisto free-kick next to the goal followed and Lukas Lerager’s already mentioned brilliant leading goal after half an hour.

After the Danish lead, the newly formed ÖFB team seemed shocked, but did not lose sight of the defensive focus and, with the exception of a Poulsen header in the arms of Richard Strebinger, the Danes did not make it into the red-white-red penalty area. It went with a 1-0 deficit into the break.

Danish chances every minute

The second run started with an Austrian chance: The substitute Florian Kainz almost extended a Schaub-Schlenzer into the long corner. (50.). On the other side, Strebinger had to parry a free-kick (52.). And a minute later, Martin Braithwaite narrowly missed the 2-0 lead.

And it went on in this key – again it was the strong Strebinger who tamed a Sisto shot. There were Danish chances in this phase around the 60th minute in a minute cycle. Austria only became dangerous again after 67 minutes with a Burgstaller header.

After 70 minutes the time of the breaker had come: Marc Janko came to his 67th international match and was supposed to turn the tide. That was not possible anymore, on the contrary:

After a serious mistake by Kevin Wimmer, the Danes were able to achieve the celebrated 0:2 – result cosmetics with substitute Martin Braithwaite in injury time.

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Bundesliga focuses on perpetrator research

26.10.2018 | 06:20

The main basis of the new sanctions concept is still fines, and points deductions are also possible. The stadium atmosphere is to be protected in conjunction with consistent research into the perpetrators.

Vienna – On Tuesday, the Bundesliga Club Conference took a first step towards a sanctions concept following security incidents. The principles of this approach are the protection of the stadium atmosphere typical of football, the investigation of the individual perpetrators and, as a final consequence, a deduction of points. The Bundesliga and clubs have been discussing this for months.

For the 2019/20 season, a catalogue of measures is to be submitted to Senate 1 of the Bundesliga for cases of spectator misconduct, on the basis of which the sanctions to be imposed can be determined in a transparent and comprehensible manner. According to a Bundesliga broadcast, the main basis of the new sanctions concept continues to be fines, which, in conjunction with consistent research into the perpetrators, should become more relevant.

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Increasing the probation period

The primary objective is to identify the responsible perpetrators through the club, to impose stadium bans and, if necessary, to seek recourse against the perpetrators. The reasons for mitigating the penalty at a rate of 25 per cent are thus given if a perpetrator has been successfully identified with appropriate measures, 50 per cent if more than one perpetrator or up to 50 per cent of the perpetrators have been identified and 75 per cent if more than 50 per cent of the perpetrators have been identified. SportingBet Casino also holds a great advantage as this is an all-in-one online gaming platform for everything from casino to sports and poker.

In addition to the fines, a system is to be worked out in the coming months which will additionally enable the criminal senate to discuss concrete safety-related or violence-preventive measures and thus offer the best possible prevention of incidents.

In the event of serious incidents, the room for manoeuvre should be extended, as decided by the club conference of the highest division. The Bundesliga would therefore submit a motion to the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) to include the deduction of points for the following season in the penalty catalogue and at the same time increase the probation period to 24 instead of the previous twelve months.

In addition, the majority opinion was reached that in the case of repeated serious cases in the sense of escalation stages, the body with jurisdiction should be able to impose a deduction of points within a period of 24 months.